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The Italian Bakery of Virginia has been shipping Potica around the world since 1965, ensuring that our customers can enjoy our delicious pastry at any time.  We make certain that our product arrives fresh and on time, which is especially helpful come holiday time when families love to eat their favorite traditional treats!

Our Potica stays fresh for several weeks in the refrigerator, and can stay fresh for several months if stored in the freezer.

Use our online store to shop for some of our celebrated Italian pastries and of course, our world renowned Walnut Potica.  Our online store delivers to any of the 48 continental states in America.  If you are in a different location, please give us call at 1 (218)741-3464 or 1 (877) 747-3464 or e-mail  We will find a delivery solution for you!  We have shipped to locations around the world, including to some beloved soldiers overseas and students studying abroad.

One of the things that we most look forward to each holiday season is sending our pastries to folks who order from us every year.  Some grew up in Iron Range, while others are the children of those who grew up in our neighborhood.  Many of the individuals on our mailing list were introduced to Potica at a special occasion, and quickly fell in love with the unique desert. 

"We've met the nicest people from this mail order list," Bette says. "Many of them will make a special point to stop into the bakery to say hello when they are in our area."

Place an order and find out why we have repeat customers every holiday season.  It would be our pleasure to add you to our mail order list, and have our desert become one of your holiday traditions!