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The Italian Bakery began in 1965 with a traditional Slovenian family recipe. Now, more than half a century later, our bakery in Virginia, Minnesota has grown a following of devoted fans, who continue to come back for our world-famous potica, as well as our fruitcakes, biscotti and other delectable pastries.

Many years ago, young immigrant women came from the Prebonich family came to America from Italy and Slovenia, bringing their dreams as well as their recipes. We’ve based our famous potica and other classic tastes on their traditional culinary creations, adding our own tastes and the spices of different cultures to create a uniquely blended delicacy.

If you’ve never tasted potica before, we have to give this delicious treat a try, and join the generations of pastry connoisseurs who have made it a beloved favorite. If you’re one of the many dessert-lovers in the know who count potica among your favorite pastries, sample ours – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

It takes a lot of time and know-how to get potica exactly right, which is why it used to be reserved for special occasions. Generations of Minnesotans have grown up enjoying potica around the holiday season, and today, the Italian Bakery of Virginia makes it easy for you to enjoy potica year round, no matter where in the world you live.

Our family recipe has been passed down through generations to create an Old World delight that your whole family will enjoy. In the early 20th century, Mary Janezich shared her potica recipe with her son-in-law Geno when he opened his bakery in Virginia, Minnesota. Slovenian immigrants in the area flocked to Geno’s bakery for a taste of home – Mary’s potica.

When Geno sold his bakery and it became the Italian Bakery of Virginia, the new owners – the Prebonich family – kept on making potica. It was one of the most popular items on the menu then, and remains so today! We have refined that traditional recipe and perfected the art of potica-making.

We honor Mary’s traditional recipe today by continuing to use only the most wholesome, all-natural ingredients and the freshest spices. Making potica is a time-intensive endeavor, and our expert bakers take no shortcuts in creating this unique treat. We make our potica by hand – no machines for us.

We begin by combining premium ingredients, including creamy butter, farm-fresh milk and eggs, and the finest flour and sugar to create a soft, sweet dough. We spread the dough out on a large table and carefully hand-roll, pull and stretch it to create the perfect consistency.

Then, we layer the potica dough with earthy brown sugar, aromatic vanilla and a special blend of spices. We coat each layer of the soft dough with the sweet filling, roll the potica into a spiral and bake it to golden-brown perfection. We even offer new walnut and walnut raisin potica varieties, adding new tastes of sweetness and variety to this timeless treat. If you have never smelled potica baking, we recommend that you visit our shop! For many of us, it smells just like the holidays.

Thanks to the Italian Bakery of Virginia’s year-round supply, though, potica isn’t just for the holidays anymore. We think it’s a great dessert to serve at celebrations or even just to enjoy as an everyday snack. Potica tastes great heated, chilled or at room temperature.

Try one of our inventive serving suggestions:

• Make a potica sandwich with ham, cheese or both. Why not get creative and try different kinds of meats and cheeses for a quick and delicious lunch on the go? You’ll enjoy this one either hot or cold.

• For a breakfast treat the whole family will love, spread fresh butter on a piece of potica, sprinkle it with cinnamon and top it with a dollop of honey. Warm it up and enjoy!

• Topped with ice cream, potica makes a decadent dessert. Try it with our favorite flavor, butter brickle!

Not in Minnesota? Not a problem! At the Italian Bakery of Virginia, we make potica for pastry-lovers all around the world. No matter where you live in the U.S. or abroad, we can ship you a taste of home to enjoy, whether you’re looking for some potica to brighten your holidays or want to buy some bread to a special occasion. We guarantee that our potica will arrive just as appetizing and fresh as when it was first baked.

Potica also makes a one-of-a-kind gift. Send it to your children who have moved or are away at college, service members abroad or anyone you’ve been thinking of lately. They’re sure to appreciate this tasty treat.

Ready to order? Use our order form for shipments to anywhere in the United States. For global orders, call us at 218-741-3464 or 855-522-5379. You can also email us at orders@potica.com.

At the Italian Bakery of Virgina, we’ve ensured that the time-honored art of making potica has not been lost. For those who don’t have the time or the courage to try the complex recipe at home, we are at your service. Let us supply your family with the tastiest traditional dessert you’ve ever tasted – and see what generations of pastry enthusiasts have been enjoying for decades.