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Welcome to PO-TEET-SAH Italian Bakery

Italian Pastry Shop & Potica

The Italian Bakery of Virginia is renowned for providing customers with delectable treats that serve as food for the soul.  We specialize in serving Potica (pronounced po-teet-sah), which means “holidays” in the small towns of Northern Minnesota, also known as the Iron Range.  Potica is special gift bestowed upon us from Slovenian ancestry, and has served as an old world Italian pastry for years.

Potica is made from a dough rolled so thin and wide that a newspaper can be read through it.  The dough is then layered with walnuts, butter, cream and vanilla.  Next, it is rolled into a spiral and baked to a crisp amber brown.  Best of all, Potica can serve as the perfect complement for any meal or as an appetizing snack on its own.  Potica can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and is tasty plain, heated or unheated, making it all the more versatile for serving!

Here are some great serving suggestions from our

Italian pastry shop to your home! 
Serve with:
   - Ham

   - Bacon and eggs

   - Sausage

   - Fruit

Top with:
   - Ice cream

   - Vanilla pudding
   - Lemon, chocolate or caramel sauce
   - Whipped cream and strawberries

Additional serving suggestions:
   -Top with a slice of ham, and heat if desired (a traditional way of serving)
   -Top with a slice of cheese and heat until cheese is melted
   -Spread with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon, top with a teaspoon of honey, then heat until warm
   -Spread with butter, microwave for approximately 10 seconds, then top with one scoop of butter brickle ice cream

For more serving tips or to inquire about our pastries, give The Italian Bakery of Virginia a call today!


U slast! (Enjoy!)

To those who have moved away, the holidays and special occasions still require Potica. And for the rest of us who can't summon up the courage or time to make our own, Potica has not been lost.

The Italian Bakery in Virginia, Minnesota, is still making Potica. Acclaimed by old-time Potica lovers, as well as newcomers, the Prebonich Family uses a recipe that came to America with a young immigrant woman sometime ago. We use 100% natural ingredients like walnuts, creamery butter, brown sugar and whole eggs. We never use preservatives!

The Italian Bakery will ship Potica to anywhere in the world, and it will arrive in fine condition. Guaranteed. So if you are looking for traditional food dishes then search no further.

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