Wild Rice Blend

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Italian Wild Rice
Italian wild rice is the centerpiece of hundreds of authentic European and Eastern European dishes.  The hearty, creamy texture of Italian rice creates a signature texture of delicious risotto, succulent soups, casseroles, side dishes, stuffing and many more.  Crisp, fresh rice forms a perfect essential base to balance these tasty favorites and create an irresistible dish.

We use only the best wild Italian rice in our own kitchen and offer the vital ingredient for you to cook your own delectable Italian dinners. Order Italian wild rice straight to your kitchen to enjoy the flavors of real European cooking.  Our expert chefs use only the finest ingredients for our beloved dishes to highlight each flavor.  We buy only Minnesota harvested wild rice that is hand-parched to lock in the rich taste.

Order as much as you need for your favorite supper and enjoy the smooth, delightful texture at the heart of your meal.  Place your order online and take advantage of fast shipping options to receive your rice in time for your special dinner.