About Potica

Like many beloved traditions, the origins of the Potica recipe used by the Italian Bakery of Virginia are fascinating. The recipe was passed from Mary Janezich to her son-in law, Geno, when he opened his own bakery in the early 20th century. It soon became a bestseller and continues to be the most popular item at the bakery. When the Prebonich family purchased the bakery from Geno, they kept Potica on the menu and added their own delicious twist to the recipe by including walnuts and raisins.

Baking Potica each day is a time-consuming project, as it requires the careful hands of a proficient baker. Due to the fact it has to be hand-rolled, pulled and stretched, using a rolling machine is not an option. After rolling, the dough covers a large kitchen table, where it is ready for the special mix of ground walnuts, pure creamy butter, brown sugar, whole eggs, pure vanilla and natural spices (no preservatives). Rolled into a spiral and shaped like a loaf, it is slowly baked for an extensive period of time in pans made especially for The Italian Bakery of Virginia.

While Potica was once a treat reserved only for special occasion because of its complex recipe, the Italian Bakery of Virginia sells it year round and it can be enjoyed anytime! Italian Bakery of Virginia ships their Potica worldwide and guarantee it will arrive in perfect condition! Contact Italian Bakery of Virginia today to order your Potica for the holiday season or any other occasion.