Italian Pastry Shop: Potica, Biscotti & Fruit Cake in Minnesota

Welcome to Pep’s Bake Shop, where we celebrate the art of traditional Italian pastries. Our journey began with a beloved family recipe and has blossomed into a renowned destination for pastry enthusiasts from around the world. At Pep’s, we specialize in crafting the finest Potica, Biscotti, and Fruit Cake, each infused with a touch of heritage and a lot of heart.


Our Potica is not just a pastry; it’s a story rolled into each spiral of its delicate dough. Originating from a cherished recipe handed down by Mary Janezich in the early 20th century, our Potica has become a symbol of tradition and taste in our community. When the Prebonich family later took over, they enhanced the recipe with their unique blend of walnuts and raisins, elevating the flavor to new heights. Our skilled bakers dedicate hours to meticulously hand-roll, pull, and stretch the dough, ensuring every loaf is perfect. Filled with a rich blend of ground walnuts, creamy butter, brown sugar, eggs, pure vanilla, and aromatic spices, our Potica is a testament to the craft of artisan baking.


At Pep’s Bake Shop, our Biscotti are twice-baked to achieve that signature crisp texture and golden hue. Each biscotti is crafted with the finest ingredients, including whole almonds, real butter, and a hint of citrus zest, making them the perfect companion to your favorite coffee or tea. No matter what type you prefer, our biscotti are sure to delight with their crunchy goodness and subtle sweetness.

Fruit Cake

Our Fruit Cake is a festive treat that celebrates the rich flavors of dried fruits and nuts, soaked in a symphony of brandy and spices. Unlike the typical fruit cakes, ours is moist, dense, and packed with flavor, making it a favorite during the holiday season and beyond. Each cake is lovingly prepared with layers of cherries, apricots, raisins, and pecans, then baked slowly to perfection. It’s not just a cake; it’s a slice of the holidays, any time of the year.

At Pep’s Bake Shop, we are proud to continue the legacy of our founders, sharing our love for traditional Italian pastries with every loaf, cookie, and cake we bake. Step into our shop or order online to experience a piece of Italian baking tradition, right here in Minnesota.