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Italian Pastry Shop & Potica

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Italian Bakery of Virginia got our start in 1965 thanks to a traditional Slovenian family recipe for authentic Eastern European potica. Our family owned and operated Italian pastry shop in Virginia, Minnesota has continued to grow since then and has gained a following of devoted customers over the last five decades.

Today, our customers come back to our Italian pastry shop repeatedly for the delicious products we have to offer. You’ll find our bakery filled with our world-famous potica, biscotti, and fruit cake in addition to other delectable pastries and even wild rice. We invite you to try any of the products we have to offer to see what makes them special.

The History of Our Italian Pastry Shop

Although Italian Bakery of Virginia has been around for more than 50 years, you could say our history extends back even further. In the early 20th century, a woman named Mary Janezich shared her potica recipe with her son-in-law Geno, who was planning to open his own bakery in Virginia, Minnesota. Geno started using Mary’s recipe to make potica bread, and he found it attracted Slovenian immigrants hoping to get a taste of home to his bakery.

In the 1960s, Geno decided to sell his bakery, and it was purchased by the Prebonich family and transformed into Italian Bakery of Virginia. Rather than scrapping the traditional potica recipe used by Geno, the new owners of the bakery decided to keep it in place. We still use Mary’s original recipe today and incorporate a blend of wholesome, all-natural ingredients and fresh spices to bring it to life. We have also refined the traditional recipe a bit over the years to perfect the art of potica making and provide our customers with the most delicious potica in the world.

Our Unique Potica Making Process

Decades ago, potica bread was reserved as a treat only served on special occasions. It took a long time to make it, so most bakeries only served it on important holidays. Today, we make potica all year long, so all generations of people can eat it whenever they want. We still take the time to make each batch of our potica the proper way, so it always comes out just right.

Making potica can be a time-consuming process, but our expert bakers don’t take any shortcuts doing it. We make all our potica products by hand in our Italian pastry shop. We begin by combining premium ingredients like creamy butter, farm-fresh milk and eggs, and the finest flour and sugar in order to create a soft, sweet pastry dough. We spread the dough out on a large table and carefully hand-roll, pull, and stretch the dough to create the perfect consistency.

Once that’s done, we layer our potica dough with an earthy brown sugar, aromatic vanilla, and a special blend of spices. Coating each layer of the dough with a sweet filling, we roll the potica into a spiral and bake it to golden-brown perfection. We also offer flavored walnut and walnut raisin potica varieties to add a new touch of sweetness and variety to a timeless treat. Whether you serve our potica warm, chilled, or at room temperature, it’ll be great both for special celebrations and for an everyday snack.

You might want to try:

  • Putting fresh butter, cinnamon, and honey on potica for breakfast
  • Making a potica sandwich for lunch with whatever kinds of meats and cheeses you prefer
  • Topping potica with ice cream to make a decadent after-dinner dessert

There are so many ways to enjoy potica from our Italian pastry shop!

Order Potica, Biscotti & Fruit Cake in Minnesota Today

If you want to try our incredible potica for yourself, we welcome you to stop by our Italian pastry shop to pick some up. However, if you don’t live in Minnesota, we would be more than happy to send some potica your way the next time you want to enjoy it. Whether you live in another part of the U.S. or another part of the world, Italian Bakery of Virginia can ship products directly to you from our Italian pastry shop. Our potica will taste first baked fresh when it arrives at your front door.

Italian Bakery of Virginia also sells a variety of other products for you to enjoy at our Italian pastry shop. We make scrumptious biscotti with almonds, pistachios, and chocolate chips in it you can pair with your morning coffee. We also offer Italian fruit cake filled with a blend of fruits, nuts, and just a twinge of liquor to give it a very distinctive flavor. We have wild rice available as well. You can purchase potica, biscotti, and fruit cake or have it shipped to your desired location.

Ready to order potica, biscotti, and fruit cake from Italian Bakery of Virginia? Use our online form to have a shipment sent anywhere in the U.S. or place a global order by calling 855-522-5379. You can also email orders@potica.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Italian Bakery of Virginia ensured the time-honored art of making potica had not been lost. Let us supply your family with the tastiest traditional dessert you’ve ever tasted, including potica, biscotti, and fruit cake, and get a taste of what generations of pastry enthusiasts have been enjoying for decades.