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Italian Biscotti for Sale
Our crisp, crunchy biscotti highlights true Italian cooking with fresh ingredients and an authentic family recipe.  Choose your favorite flavor to compliment your coffee or other beverage and enjoy an after-dinner delight or breakfast treat.  Savory nut varieties and rich, sweet chocolate capture every taste and make and excellent sweet, light dessert for your party, event or other gathering. 

These traditional Italian staples present a unique combination of sweetness and crunch.  Our experienced chefs bring out the mouth-watering flavors of each piece with fresh ingredients and the same careful preparation used by classic Italian bakers.  We bake our biscotti twice for a rich, golden-brown outside and soft, flakey inside dotted with almonds, pistachios and chocolate chips.  Satisfy your sweet tooth with your favorite nuts dipped in chocolate sprinkled into the soft biscotti pieces.

Try each different kind to enjoy a diverse range of flavors or order your favorite recipes to indulge in any time.  Order your box online to treat yourself or your friends for a special occasion or a fun surprise.