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No coffee time is complete without biscotti, and Peps Bake Shop specializes in crafting quality biscotti made from a classic recipe with fresh ingredients.

Biscotti is a twice-baked crunchy delicacy traditionally served with a drink of some sort. In Italy, biscotti enthusiasts will enjoy this crispy cookie-like creation with vin santo, a type of Tuscan fortified wine. Here in the states, biscotti is more often enjoyed in the mornings or early afternoons alongside a robust cup of coffee or black breakfast tea.

Best Italian Biscotti Cookies for Sale in Minnesota

Peps Bake Shop specializes in crafting the best Italian biscotti cookies for sale in Minnesota.

Biscotti is not just a breakfast item. Biscotti can be enjoyed with your breakfast beverage as well as an after-dinner delight. If you’ve been searching for the perfect balance of sweet and light, biscotti is the dessert for you.

Biscotti Made from Fresh Ingredients

We never cut corners when it comes to quality. We craft our biscotti from scratch with fresh ingredients. Our experienced chefs have a special knack for bringing out the essential mouth-watering flavors through careful and masterful preparation handed down from classic Italian bakers.

We bake our biscotti twice over to ensure a rich, golden-brown outside combined with a soft, flakey inside. Choose from almond, almond/chocolate, and chocolate/pistachio depending on the severity of your sweet tooth.

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Contact Peps Bake Shop today or order your biscotti online in time for your next party, gathering, or even if you’d like to shake up your morning coffee routine. We have the best Italian biscotti cookies for sale in the region and we renew our commitment to excellence with each new dessert we create. We have a long track record of success and an even longer list of happy customers. We’re excited to provide you with the perfect dessert for your needs, no matter the occasion. Call us at 218-741-7218 for more details.