Fruit Cake

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Italian Fruit Cake
Our Italian fruit cake features a blend of candied fruits, crunchy nuts and a tangy touch of liquor to create a unique medley of hypnotic flavors.  A mild crunch mixed with sugary sweetness and the slight punch of creamy liquor deliver a new take on a traditional holiday favorite.  The candied fruits capture the classic festive look and feel of this famous treat while our unique, flavorful blend awakens new taste buds.

Choose from two sizes to compliment your holiday party or private soirée.  The rich red and green fruit colors make a festive display while the blended spices attract new tastes.  Our fruitcake is a carefully crafted, authentic recipe that exhibits fresh, bold flavors unlike other store-bought desserts.  Even people who don’t like other fruitcakes enjoy our distinctive recipe.

Skip the extra cooking and indulge in a perfectly baked, delicious dessert delivered straight to your home.  Order online and enjoy your holiday treat in time for your party.