Fruit Cake

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Italian fruit cake (often called panettone) is light and airy in texture and exhibits a rich, buttery taste. Many people argue over whether panettone is considered a cake or bread, and we’d prefer to stay out of this argument altogether.


Here at Peps Bake Shop, we craft the best Italian fruit cake in the region – we consider our creation to be in a class of its own.

Italian Fruit Cake Made with Fresh Ingredients


Our Italian fruit cake for sale is made from a recipe that has been perfected through generations. Crafted with a blend of sweet candied fruits, crunchy ground nuts, and a touch of liquor to add some tang, this dessert has become a best seller of ours for parties, celebrations, gatherings, and everyday occasions alike.


We use fresh ingredients and put the right amount of TLC into each fruit cake that comes out of our bakery. We hope that our commitment to excellence comes through to each of our customers.

Fresh Fruit Cake for Sale in Minnesota

If you’ve been hard-pressed trying to find a quality Italian fruit cake or panettone in Minnesota, Peps Bake Shop has your back. Choose from two sizes to make the perfect statement at your next gathering, whether it’s a holiday party or an exclusive event.


Our fruitcake is the result of a carefully crafted, authentic recipe that yields fresh, bold flavors – unlike other desserts you can pretty much purchase at any grocery store. Even people who don’t enjoy fruitcakes tend to prefer our distinctive recipe.

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Instead of slaving in the kitchen to make dessert magic happen, get in touch with Peps Bake Shop today. For fresh fruit cake order online today in anticipation of your next celebration or gathering. Peps Bake Shop is proud to be the premier dessert destination in Minnesota. Call us at 218-741-7218 with any questions.