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Potica is a cake or bread filled with ground nuts and was made popular in Slovenia as well as Croatia. If you’re in the mood for a delicious roll made out of light brioche dough infused with a rich, tasty filling, then potica bread might be your new favorite dessert.

Traditionally eaten on holidays like Easter, Christmas, and other yearly celebrations, classic walnut and walnut raisin potica might be hard to come by. Here at Peps Bake Shop, we are proud to carry on the rich history of potica, offering it up to our customers each day we are in operation.

Fresh Made Potica Bread in Minnesota

Each loaf of potica bread crafted from our bakery is made with love and patience and has been for generations. We hand-roll paper-thin dough and layer the fresh dough with our delicious filling. Each loaf of potica is baked to perfection and ready to enjoy.

Make Potica the Centerpiece of Your Next Gathering

Next time you head to a celebration, gathering, or potluck, potica bread will make the perfect offering. Get ready to impart your potica knowledge to anyone standing in your vicinity – they’ll likely want to know more about this delicious new dessert you’ve brought with you.

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When it comes to potica bread, not all loaves are created equal. Peps Bake Shop specializes in crafting potica bread the old-fashioned way but with a new twist. Our classic, walnut and walnut raisin potica is famous in Minnesota has become our best seller over the years for a reason.

Whether you’re trying potica bread for the first time or you’ve been looking for a place worthy of calling itself a potica-making specialist, Peps Bake Shop is the place for you. We have a wide selection of well-crafted cakes, pastries, and other culinary delights. Give us a call at 218-741-7218 if you have any questions.