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Our homemade Potica Bread recipe is the pride of our bakery.  Our authentic Eastern European Potica began in 1965 with a Slovenia family recipe.  Since then, we’ve added our own tastes and the spices of different cultures to make a specially blended delicacy.  Our walnut potica and walnut raisin varieties combine the classic flavors of this old-world favorite with a touch of new sweetness to charm every taste.

All our recipes begin as all-natural ingredients and fresh spices to bring out the true flavors of each time-honored, traditional treat.  Our Potica Bread is carefully hand-rolled, pulled and stretched to create the perfect consistency and trap all the savory flavors between each layer.  Succulent, crunchy walnuts, creamy butter, brown sugar, vanilla and natural spices form the sweet, velvety inside of the pastry and coat each layer of soft dough.  After patient baking, the genuine Potica loaf is carefully sliced into pieces to please every customer.

Choose your perfect recipe and bring this authentic favorite to your home.  Select your amount and order online with quick, convenient shipping.